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  1. punstress
    Posted 9 years ago #

    In my options, it says the (default) date format will be:

    Output: October 14, 2006

    However, when I look on my page, it says October 14th, 2006 -- with a "th."

    That "th" has got to go. How do I change it if it already says the date will output the way I want it??

    I hadn't changed anything from the default F j, Y.

  2. Kafkaesqui

    Posted 9 years ago #

    It's likely the theme you're using is passing a format string to the_date() (or the_time() that adds the ordinal suffix to a day's date.

    To fix this you'll need to edit your theme's templates and remove the format string from the_date -- or in the case the_time() is being used to output the date, modify to 'F j, Y'.

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