date formatting in admin post screen doesn't use preference setting (4 posts)

  1. xnau webdesign
    Posted 5 years ago #

    This is about the screens in the admin (backend) that list posts, pages, custom post types, etc.

    The date in the "posted" column does not follow the date format preference setting. Nor does it seem easily possible to otherwise format it.

    It should be possible to customize or even localize this date display.

    After some extensive searching, I've not found this issue addressed anywhere, except a fix that was integrated into the wordpress core four years ago. (Ticket #2601) That fix doesn't seem to apply to the dates shown in the "posted" column.

    Does anybody have experience setting the formatting of this date?

  2. Localizing the data ... by format? The data comes from your PHP settings.

  3. xnau webdesign
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Good idea-- so I tried setting the locale in PHP, but there was no change. WP doesn't seem to be getting the formatting from the locale setting in PHP.

  4. Yeah, looking further, the formatting probably won't be fixed that way, since it's a hard coded call. You could probably make a plugin to customize it, but that's odd. I'd open a trac ticket to suggest it be changed to match what you pick in your preferences.

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