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[resolved] Date format (2 posts)

  1. areality
    Posted 2 years ago #


    Is there a way to make Visualizer understand European date formatting (i.e. dd/mm/yyyy) in the Google Spreadsheets?

    I have data series in Google Spreadsheets that would return an empty Vizualizer chart if I set an european locale in the Google Spreadsheet settings. Here is an example:

    date number number
    24.12.2013 567.67 1098.64
    17.12.2013 554.99 1091.66
    13.12.2013 554.43 1088.78
    06.12.2013 560.02 1082.9
    29.11.2013 556.07 1078.1
    22.11.2013 519.8 1072.73

    When I change locale to the US in the Google Spreadsheets, data appears on Visualizer charts without any problem. Here is the same data with US Locale settings.

    date number number
    12/24/2013 567.67 1098.64
    12/17/2013 554.99 1091.66
    12/13/2013 554.43 1088.78
    12/6/2013 560.02 1082.9
    11/29/2013 556.07 1078.1
    11/22/2013 519.8 1072.73

    Any quick move to feed Visualizer with Eurpopean-style dates?


  2. lleo
    Posted 1 year ago #


    It's been a long time since it was posted but it can still be helpful to others.

    I'm new around here, and I'm not sure if Visualizer can switch
    But I thought in a way around this: I would open your spreadsheet in excel and let it do all the conversion work for you. And then just copy the format that we know visualizer will accept.

    Here's how to do it in excel:

    All the Best

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