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    Hi all,

    Updated to 2.8.5 and use the simple WP Remix template (R. Bhavesh) as a skin to my blog at! Curious, I decided to scroll down posts (checking dates… and all lol) on the home page.

    A realisation was from top 3rd november 09 to date 17th october 09 this is in descending order which is fine and how we want it, but from date 17th october 09 onwards it jumps to 3rd August 09 in ascending order to the 16th October 09!

    This should be in descending order hence the appearance of 16th october 09 > september 09 > down to august and subsequent months, great!

    But not so great because between those missing dates there are plenty of current articles posted, kind of leaves the impression nothing was posted during that period!

    My question is how do I get every date into descending mode so only the freshest and recent content on the home page. Any ideas and help will be appreciated, files to access, code to update etc?

    Apologies for being all wordy 🙂 but to explain this as much as can be! Thanks

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  • esmi


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    between those missing dates there are plenty of current articles posted

    Do those missing posts have any particular categories in common? It could be that your index.php template file is configured to exclude certain categories. Dropping a copy of your theme’s index.php file into the WordPress pastebin and posting the pastebin url here might also help.

    Apologies for the delay and blanks prior doesn’t seem a way to delete. anyway…

    Many thanks Esmi for the reply.

    They are in different categories film and music mainly.

    I have done just as requested any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance. Onthebuzz

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