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  • I am stumped.

    I have inherited a site that I redesigned. It was created inside a subdirectory by the previous web designer. I created a custom child theme based on Twenty Ten. The archive links ( ) will work on my localhost version of this theme, so I don’t think there is anything wrong with my archive.php page.

    Just as an aside, I turned off all the plugins and reinstalled the archive.php page to make certain it wasn’t corrupt. When you click on a date in the Archive widget, you’re taken to the home page. Nothing I do will make the archive page display.

    Again, it works fine in my localhost version….BUT, my localhost version isn’t installed inside a “home” directory like the actual site is.

    Could that be causing the problem? And if so, is there an easy fix that doesn’t involve me moving the WordPress install to the root folder?

    I appreciate any help.

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  • I have remembered one other culprit that might be causing this issue. The client has her hosting service with, I have never worked with this hosting service before as I am in the US.

    When I upgraded her WordPress install to the most recent, I saw that the Visual Editor was no longer showing. After doing some research, I found someone talking about how 123-reg adds a colon to the URL when installing into a different directory and not the root.

    For example, when you looked at SETTINGS in the admin, the URL was

    Someone stated the colon (:) was what caused the problem and simply removing it from the URL fixed the issue. Okay…so the visual editor is back but does anyone on here have any more experience with 123-Reg than I do? And could me removing the colon be causing the issue with the archive.php not working when selecting a date?

    The client states that the date archives worked fine on the old theme. I know the theme works fine on my own localhost install installed in a root directory (And not on 123-Reg).

    Again…I’m stumped here. Any help would be appreciated as I’m not certain how to fix this.


    [ Please do not bump, that’s not permitted here. ] one ever responded to this issue. But I can’t believe that no one else is not having the same problems. So if you run across this post looking for an answer, I’m sorry but I don’t have one for you.

    This much I know:

    • The issue occurs even with the default WP theme activated and all plugins turned off.
    • The issue occurs even when the older theme is activated that had been in use for months.
    • The clients states that the date archives worked before my theme was activated. However I did a WP update at the same time i installed the new Child Theme. If its true that the date archives worked, then the culprit might lie with the latest WP update and a conflict with 123-Reg. Because I cannot duplicate the problem on any other install i have tried
    • As expected, 123-Reg support is of little use and the response they provided was telling me that “code gets jumbled with themes when WordPress is updated.” HUH? I have no idea what that means.

    Had any luck with this?

    Have recently run into the same problem. The date archives did work, but after some server troubles and some changes to the functions file, daily archives started getting 404 (monthly and yearly are fine). Reverting the functions file to what it was before this issue started, did not resolve this.

    No amount of rewrite rule flushing and permalink saving is fixing this issue. Bizarrely it works in our local MAMP environment still, just not on the live server. Also, works fine for 1 date, but no others.

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