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  • I’m a novice – and my designer created his own theme (he’s unreachable. I’m trying to remove date/time from my posts.

    Been doing a little research, but I don’t see it in the loop or index files. Looks like it might be in the functions.php file – but I can’t figure out what to remove. Can anyone tell me (or if these is even the file to change?).

    Thanks in advance for the help…

    [Way too much code to post here – please see the forums guidelines re: posting code ]

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  • The easiest way to do that would be to simply hide that using CSS – a link to your site would allow someone to help you with it.

    Wow, goosebumps…because i’ve exactly the same issue. I cannot contact my theme designer and i’d like to hide/remove date and time from featured article slider as my website is not blog. I’ve read about php date and time formats but not much helpful. index.php in theme folder is empty (silence is golden). So i’m not the only one right now 🙂

    @tizmo – unless you are using the identical theme (unlikely with a custom theme), you don’t have the same question. Please start your own thread per the forum guidelines –

    gee! first time someone is replying me though my problems are not solved. In recent days i’ve asked questions in bbpress, buddypress and wordpress. No single reply yet. I even asked if i was violating any ethic or something wrong and that one didn’t get any answer either. when i see the forums, ppl do help each other. I think it’s something wrong with me. Few minutes ago i asked something about htaccess and i thought i was an easy one. No one yet 🙁

    Sorry you’ve not been replied to – I can assure you it’s not personal :). All these forums are entirely volunteer so it can be pretty random and variable as to when and if someone answers. It also really depends on the question you ask – and who happens to be around at that time. And I think bbpress has fewer volunteers, so that might be a factor too.

    Looks like you did get a quick reply on your htaccess – so that’s good anyway.

    BTW, if you post in old threads that makes it much less likely that you’ll get answered – as unanswered threads are typically answered first.

    If you want help on this one, start a new thread and include a link to your site…


    Thanks for the response – pardon the ignorance, but hide what using CSS?

    The date and time on a page or post on your site. Isn’t that what you are trying to do? Or maybe I misunderstood your question.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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