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  • Hi all,

    I wonder why all columns (except id) in the wp-statpress table have datatype ‘text’.

    id | mediumint(9)
    date | text
    time | text
    ip | text
    urlrequested | text
    agent | text
    referrer | text
    search | text
    nation | text
    os | text
    browser | text
    searchengine | text
    spider | text
    feed | text
    user | text
    timestamp | text

    For some columns ‘text’ is a good datatype indeed (like the urlrequested column), but for a lot of columns there is a good alternative.
    One reason to leave the ‘text’ datatype for some columns is because a ‘text’ column can not be indexed, so a full-tablescan is necessary for almost each query on the table.
    There are a lot of queries on the database with where-clauses on the columns feed, spider and date, so my suggestion is to revise the columns in the wp-statpress table.



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