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  • I was thinking about attempting to build a website using WordPress for the first time.
    I’m referring to these instructions:

    I need some clarification on what they mean under the section called “Famous 5-Minute Install”.
    Under #2 it says: “Create a database for WordPress on your web server, as well as a MySQL user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying it.”

    Can you please explain how I do this? I never use databases or SQL.

    Also, I have a deluxe hosting account in which I one primary domain and unlimited alias domains. If I use WordPress for an alias domain, I assume WordPress would be installed in the root directory (folder) of the alias domain and not the root directory of my primary website listed below. Is that correct?

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  • You need MySQL for WordPress to work. Check with your host on whether you have MySQL in your hosting account and then see if they can tell you how to create a database. Please make sure your hosting account meets the requirements.

    Yes you can install WordPress in a sub-folder of your root directory. In fact you can install WordPress in your web-root folder, and in one or more sub-folders if you desire (see Install Multiple Blogs).

    Unfortunately, my hosting company will not help with installation of third party software. But that’s for responding Michael.

    I meant to write “thanks” for responding Michael.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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