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  • I upgraded to 2.9 on one of my sites but am unable to go past the database upgrade procedure. It chugs away for a while and then displays the WordPress logo. Going back to /wp-admin presents the db upgrade screen again, and the cycle continues.

    This only happens on one site; it’s database is 296MB. The other installations with smaller databases upgrade without much of a problem.

    One thing I discovered with this particular upgrade (from 2.8.6 to 2.9) is that you need to switch of WP-Super-Cache and turn caching off in the wp-config.php file (change “true” to “false”).

    I hope you can give me some pointers as to what is required to complete the upgrade.


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  • Similar problem here. Deactivated all plugins through phpmyadmin, still didn’t help.
    Any help on this would be so friggin cool!

    Found solution for my issue in this thread!
    Except in my case my db_version was ‘9872’. Solution is below(thanks Matoo).

    I followed jalmz link :

    My problem was indeed that the Option_Value for the Option_Name db_version was ‘11548’ instead of ‘12329’ (

    I changed it with phpmyadmin, and I recovered my brand new 2.9 wordpress blog.

    Thanks! I had a similar trouble, and this seems to have solved the problem.

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    changing the database version in the options does not create the required tables and links provided in the upgrade script! be careful.

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    Finally resolved.

    As the database is over 6 years old, it collected a lot of optional plugin installs and un-installs over the years which unfortunately left quite a number of unused tables in the database. The Options table too was seriously bloated – to the tune of 122MB!

    1. I manually went in and removed the no longer needed tables (after backing up the database of course)
    2. I manually edited the db version number in the options table (as given above, thanks!) to 12329 to force going beyond the forced upgrade page
    3. I went to the admin panel, downloaded, installed and activated the “Clean Options” plugin.
    4. I got the plugin to remove all the hash rss entries (over 8 thousand of them!)
    5. I got the plugin to evaluate all the remaining entries in the table to determine the most likely unneeded entries and double checked them all. Selected the ones I know to be unneeded and deleted them.
    6. The above operation reduced the database size from 310MB down to 58MB!! Serious weight loss 😉
    7. I re-edited the options value to put in the old database version of 11548
    8. Went to the Admin panel again /wp-admin
    9. Clicked the “upgrade database” button, and then within seconds the upgrade was reported successful and I have my blog back!

    Moral of the story? Maybe plug-in developers should clean up their database entries on deactivation of their plugins. And wish the WordPress team would consider adding this clean-up operation in a future version.

    Best regards and thanks for continuing to develop WordPress
    Mahmood Al-Yousif

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