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  1. muaysteve
    Posted 4 years ago #

    My wordpress database was a mix of url's. Some had the domain name, some had the IP address. I think this was because I built the site first, and then pointed the domainname DNS to it for the go LIVE.

    So our web host migrated us to a new server this week. I had to use the search/replace script to change all the IP based url's in the database to the new IP address. That worked great.

    I then did a 2nd pass of the script to change those IP based url's to the domain name, so that my database would be uniform for future migrations, maintenance etc.

    That worked pretty good.

    I now have some url's left that I wanted to ask about:


    These links are very close to the other links that I changed in the database except for the %7E in the middle.

    Is it ok to change these links to:



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