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    So disgusted by WordPress FAIL. Why don’t you test these upgrades?????? don’t tell me it’s my server, since I upgraded another blog the other day without problems. There’s no solution listed here, and I’m sure other people have this problem. It makes me want to give up on blogs, period.

    Get the message Database Upgrade Required, and when you click on that button, it gives you a fatal error. That was really so useful.

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  • Here is the error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method dbrc_wpdb::delete() in /hermes/bosweb/bunch of numbers/public_html/my blog/wp-includes/option.php on line 370

    I can still see the blog up, but can’t get into admin or do anything.

    Now my site is down totally. In a few hours Google will demote me for being offline.

    Tried to disable all plugins as Esmi suggested elsewhere, but then it gave me 2 errors, instead of one. I don’t see the line numbers in my File Manager, so can’t correct anything there.

    Looks like the culprit is db cache reloaded fix plugin, but can’t disable it.

    Now the site shows 0 on the page. That’s it.

    Thank you, fonlh, yes, I already tried that. It gave me a different error: hermes/bosweb/numbers/public_html/name/wp-content/db.php on line 94

    Can I just delete that one plugin, do you know?

    I don’t know what these numbered lines are in reference to. I have 5 blogs, none of which have numbered lines. I have never known what they are talking about.

    3 hours gone, no solution, blog disappeared. I deleted that plugin, no change.

    There is NOTHING I hate worse than going into Mysql, but I did. Have no idea what to change in there. I can’t log in, blog is gone. How do I even roll back to previous version, since obviously this version is fatal? I can’t find version.php in any file anymore. Can I maybe just change the number to go backwards?

    Now 7 hours straight, with no change. Tried to go backwards to 3.2, which took half an hour using ftp. Changed every single file except content. Followed exact instructions here.

    No change, still same error, line 94. Note that it specifically lists that terrible plug in, DB cache reloaded fix, which obviously should never be used near any upgrade, and which I deleted some hours ago. Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/hermes/bosweb/numbers/’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php-5.2.17/lib/php’) in /hermes/bosweb/name/ on line 94 and everyone that comes to my site can see the EXACT PATH if they want to hack it.

    Can someone PLEASE HELP? How to get rid of this plugin error, when plugin is gone? Where is line 94 in Mysql, and how to delete it?

    The DB Cache reloaded plugin has issues with 3.4, it’s mentioned in the troubleshooting master list.

    or try the latest version of the plugin.

    Thanks. There would be no way that I could have known, this of course. There was no warning from Matt in the cheerful and insistent demand that we upgrade.

    YES, I forgot to deactivate my plugins. My bad. But, again, WordPress doesn’t remind us to deactivate plugins, either, just to do backup.

    So now again, my site is broken, with every db path laid out there for every hacker to see. Does anyone know how to at least get it off the internet? And since I DON’T HAVE this plugin anymore, why is it still listed as an error and problem? HOW CAN I FIX THIS?

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    Matt didn’t insist you upgrade. We all recommend it, and generally speaking you don’t have to turn off the plugins.


    Delete db.php

    It should be in /wp-content/ all by itself. Which was the info in the link fonglh gave you.

    It’s also mentioned in the Master Troubleshooting List for 3.4.

    VOILA! Thank you so much, fonglh, for being the only person in WP to try to help! YES, this is a glitch that WP appears to know about, but purposely ignore, and won’t even document, even though someone already reported it. Over 64,000 people have this plugin, and will get the upgrade fail as well.

    Thanks again, fonglh, for that excellent link. I had already deleted this bad plugin, but it left a db.php behind that wasn’t included in its own folder, and once I renamed that, my site popped up again instantly.

    I did not see your reply, Mika, before my last comment, but you have the exact answer, as well, and also thank you for at least replying.

    HOWEVER, I disagree with your other points: if this Master List is so important, shouldn’t a link to it be included with all upgrade announcements, INCLUDING the one that appears in our Dashboard? And why would it be difficult to add one sentence reminding people to disable plugins? It takes like 30 seconds, and saves a half day of work (in this case.)

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