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    I just started getting the following message in my wp-admin area:

    Events Manager is trying to update your database, but the following error occured:
    FUNCTION pwdkxqqjfm.RANDOM_BYTES does not exist
    It might be that reloading this page one or more times may complete the process, if you have a large number of bookings in your database. Alternatively, you can run one of these two queries directly into your WP database:
    UPDATE wp_hboz_em_bookings SET booking_uuid= LOWER(CONCAT( HEX(RANDOM_BYTES(4)), '', HEX(RANDOM_BYTES(2)), '4', SUBSTR(HEX(RANDOM_BYTES(2)), 2, 3), '', HEX(FLOOR(ASCII(RANDOM_BYTES(1)) / 64) + 8), SUBSTR(HEX(RANDOM_BYTES(2)), 2, 3), '', hex(RANDOM_BYTES(6)) ))
    UPDATE wp_hboz_em_tickets_bookings SET ticket_uuid= UUID()

    I tried running the query. The first one returned the same error about RANDOM_BYTES not existing. The second one said it was successful but the error message recurs.

    I don’t use the bookings function. How can I fix this? Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author Marcus (aka @msykes)


    Hi Guys, I thank you both for the feedback @josklever and @guidodr 🙂

    Also, thanks for confirming.

    We had quite a few posts with the same issue so once we reproduced the bug we just fixed it. .org forums don’t show the first post order.

    Actually, I had initially thought RANDOM_BYTES may have caused issues in mySQL too so just made a complete workaround using MD5(RAND()), the important thing is that it’s unique which we’ve accounted for too.

    Yes it works thanks ,
    we are waiting the final version fixed.

    Plugin Author Marcus (aka @msykes)


    Hi everyone, just released 6.1.1 which includes the fix. This update is pretty much an exclusive fix the mariaDB related error.

    I installed the dev version and still have the DB error. I also have a field that states, “Please make sure you have AT LEAST version 6.1 of Events Manager installed.” The version that is installed is How do I fix all of these errors?


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