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  • Dear developers,

    so I do use WordPress because my boss like how it has good support for plugins and themes and how simple it is to work with it (for him), but guys, really? For Creator’s sake, storing list of active plugins in a serialized array in wp_options table??? Are you kidding me? The possibility to create tables with columns and rows in a database (do you understand that word?) isn’t there for you to laugh at it! I am one second from spilling every naughty word I know here!

    Plusins list? {plugin_identification, blah blah blha, active - boolean}

    Plugin settings? Well, watch this: {plugin_identification, setting_name, setting_value) with primary key (plugin_identification, setting_name}

    You’re using serialization in absoluteny improper places, really, for me it seems like you needed something a looong time ago and you were too lazy to create a sensemaking database structure for it, so you just serialized it everything and now people who are solving broken upgrades can loose their mind.

    Yours serialized,
    Mind Blown Up

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  • Normally the serialization isn’t a problem when debugging a bad upgrade.

    Should I guess that you’re trying to copy a DB locally to fix and upload again?

    I am sorry, I did not mark this topic as ‘not a support question’ like it should have been. This is not a bug report, I successfully solved my problem. I just wrote this because by solving it I nearly lost my mind. The structure of a database is bad when you need to store serialized data which can be broken after an upgrade.

    Ah, s’all right 🙂

    Most of the time, there are no issues with the serialization (which is to say in the last 5 years, I can remember one time it went kaboom, and that was with Multisite which is a lot snippier).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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