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  1. jennsearls
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    I am just beginning to set up my self-hosted wordpress blog at jennifersearls.com. Today I wrote a test post and then tried to to add jetpack plugin. Following the plug in instructions I made an error - apparently signing up for wordpress all over again? I'm not sure what the connection this may have to my resulting error, but now I can no longer login to my site because of a database error. I went to my host cpanel and see that I have 2 databases and I'm not sure which was correct. I would assume the jennifersearls.com is correct rather than the jennifersearls.com_1 But now I can't seem to find my way to correcting the situation and reenabling my ability to login as a wordpress admin user for my site. I assume I should only have one database. So I assume I should dump the _1 database? I only have one post and minimal design work thus far. I am quite comfortable losing content at this point, but I need to not break things further as I attempt to start over. Thank you for help!!!

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