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  • bygabrielle


    I have been having problems with plugins and thought that it was the plugins themselves that were causing issues.
    however I think that something has gone wrong in a script somewhere within my files

    icons are not showing in my dasboard – shows a question mark instead
    and in my plugin Share and Follow – the icons do not show up in the administration section as well as on my actual site
    I also had plugin NextGen and once activated it was not setting up the gallery properly instead would have the images one after another as well as prevent me from seeing the Viewer Page in my posts.

    as I am no expert – i tried to reinstall WP on my server and pull from the old database
    here is what it is saying:

    Conflicting Database Tables Exist
    It looks like the database you have selected has existing tables that conflict with those for this installation. Please select a clean database for use, an alternate table prefix, or clear any conflicting tables (listed in debug below).
    Show Debug (beta)
    [12 Aug 09:40] Archive upload success.
    [+0.883s] Install utility successfully uploaded.
    [+0.274s] Response from status:262|debug:wp_commentmeta already exists, wp_comments already exists, wp_links already exists, wp_options already exists, wp_postmeta already exists, wp_posts already exists, wp_term_relationships already exists, wp_term_taxonomy already exists, wp_terms already exists, wp_usermeta already exists, wp_users already exists

    when I look on my server in my blog folder – I do not see these files in there
    if anyone has insight on this – it would be greatly appreciated

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  • Samuel B


    those debug errors are not in files – they are referencing your database

    from the problem you describe it’s unlikely to be a database problem

    what I would do.
    De-activate all plugins and test site
    If everything works now, activate plugins one by one – testing in between

    If that’s not it, switch to twenty eleven or twenty ten theme and test



    I have deactivated plugins numerous time – the site works fine if on or off
    problem plugins seem to be Share+Follow and Next Gen
    as mentioned Share+Follow does not show the icon
    and NextGen prevents me from seeing Viewer window in posting section – also note that when I deactivated it and downloaded another gallery type plugin and activated that – it caused the same issue.
    that’s why I thought it might be a script issue or something.
    I will try switching the theme and see if that works



    Samuel – switching themes is not working.

    if you go to my site: in blog section
    you will see at end of post – the icons are suppressed. if you hover over them, it says what it is but you can’t see the visual.
    this does the same thing in my S+F admin section – I can’t see the icons there.
    I am running Cleanfrog theme (disregard the lack of CSS – i upgraded the theme and lost my css (!!) – I am still learning some of this stuff

    note that all this started happening when I upgraded to 3.2.1

    I also update another WP site that has both these plugins – and I have no issues.
    I am running the Arras theme on that one

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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