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  • Hi, I used the Upgrade button in admin. It seemed to go fine, but now I cannot enter the admin area. I get this error, and I dont know what to do abuot it. If somebody can explain in simple terns,what I need to do, I appreciate it.
    Error establishing a database connection
    This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can’t contact the database server at localhost. This could mean your host’s database server is down.

    Are you sure you have the correct username and password?
    Are you sure that you have typed the correct hostname?
    Are you sure that the database server is running?
    If you’re unsure what these terms mean you should probably contact your host. If you still need help you can always visit the WordPress Support Forums.

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  • Does the front end of your site work? That is, the part other people see.

    Do you have a backup of your wp-config.php file that you can re-upload?

    Hi, well I took a back up, which was part of the upgrade. I can see the front page, but anything else I click on takes me to a database error page. I am not sure I have a back up of the wp-config.php file though. The back up comes as a .zip file

    Okay that’s … weird. Can you re-load the 3.0 files manually? Grab a fresh download. If the front page works, then the wp-config.php is fine, so something got uploaded weirdly. Or you have a plugin in conflict. Let’s try a fresh up first 🙂

    Um, can I ask a question first before I go do a complete manual install, what is it saying. Is it saying that the database is missing the username and passwords? If it is, in the wp-config.php file, they are there, and the name of the db. When I was doing the upgrade, it mentioned having to update the database as well. Now, could it have lost something from the wp-config.php file? It seems everything is in the file. If I remember.

    It’s saying it can’t talk to your database, which is a lie, since if THAT was true, the front end of your site would be down as well. 🙂 Which is why I think you have some files goobered somewhere. Something is telling ONLY the backend that it can’t talk to the DB, and that is not standard behavior.

    Ok, well I will try give it a go. I wont be able to do it tonight, I am too tired. I dont want to make another mistake.

    Ok, well I just discovered what has happened. The upgrade completely deleted everything apart from the Index page. I just need to know, the backup that is included in the automatic upgrade, it has a huge list of things to backup, will that include the things missing, or should I have taken a backup of those as well.

    One good bit of news, is that I just discovered that my server does a daily backup, of the site and database. The database might be a problem in the site but I did a backup too. So things arent lost, but its on a vhost linux server, and I just dont have enough knowledge to work out how to get the backup installed. I have a page, but it just looks like gobbledeegook to me.

    At least the back up is there.


    The upgrade completely deleted everything apart from the Index page.

    The ‘fix’ then would be to do a manual upgrade. Copy the files up yourself. So long as you leave the files wp-config.php and .htaccess and the wp-content folder alone, you’re fine.

    Oh, excuse my ignorance, I thought my site had been deleted, but it turns out, nothing so drastic. Nothing so drastic as a complete manual installation for the problem either, it was as simple as a reboot of the system, and that repaired everything. My site is now back up and running.

    Thought I should post to let you know, in case somebody else comes along with the same problem.

    Thanks for your help anyway.


    No, that wouldnt have been a fix. I was able to get over it by restarting my server. Problem is, that now happens every couple of pages navigations. It seems 3.0+ hogs the memory. What was once okay in 2.1 is now no use in 3.0+. Please can somebody help with fixing the memory hog, as I can barely use my site anymore.

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