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  • I have an unsolvable issue with one of my blog. I already posted about it but no one answered. I try to rephrase my question to see if I can get an answer.

    The blog is updated with a cron job every 24H. In the admin the posts are displayed but they do not appear online.

    Now this is where it get strange.

    I have a post showing as last post dated from March 7. That post has been erased in WP admin month ago. it still appeared.

    With my webhost we decided to create a new database and to import all the posts. the march 7 post was still appearing.

    I checked in PHPmyadmin and it was still there in both database despite being erased in WP long ago. I erased both

    The March 7 post still appears as last post.

    Every time I login into the admin all the missing posts appear online without editing anything in the admin,and during that time the march 7 post is nowhere to be find online and in the admin.

    but it always revert to that march 7post as last post and all the post updated since that date are gone.

    I’m fighting with it since February, myself and my host technicians.

    Can you help me?

    I don’t understand why this post is still showing since its nowhere in any database………

    Should I erase the blog and reinstall it again? The database is huge, if I could avoid that I’d be more than happy…….

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  • have you already double checked your wp-config file to make sure everything in there is fine ? If you haven’t got the latest version of wp update it (remember to make a backup first). If nothing helps, try to activate a other theme, see if the problem lies there. You could also try to deactivate all plugins and see if that is the problem. If really nothing helps, just reinstall wordpress and copy the database + thema.

    I did all that. I reinstall wordpress after having erased it all and having my host support restore it using the database dump in a new database… Same issue.

    the only difference is that now the repeating post isn’t the march 7 one but may 13……. and the march 7 post that was erased long ago is still there……..

    We are all clueless about this weird issue.

    The only thing I forgot to mention is that my entire netork was migrated to a new server, at the same hosting provider and that issues started back then.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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