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    I’ve just updated a weblog to WP 2.05 from It mostly worked apart from a strange error.

    A few of the articles appear normally in the list of articles but when they are selected the resulting page is completely blank.

    When I move the article within the database to another (empty ) post_ID the problem disappears. When I move it back, the problem returns.

    In the MySQL database there is no difference between the few that don’t display and the many that do.

    Has anyone seen this bug and what is the fix?

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  • Moving post_ids can be tricky… There are other tables in the database that use that post_id (e.g. post2cat).

    If things are too messy, you might consider DROPping your 2.0.5 database, restoring from your backup, then redoing the upgrade.

    It’s too late to consider dropping/replacing. The blog has moved on.

    I did find that moving the comments temporarily to another post, caused the original post to work properly.

    Resolution: This problem was caused by a memory crunch, which slowed down the php scripts, which timed out the request for comments if the number of comments exceeded 175-200. An upgrade or three later, the problem no longer appears.

    I have closed this thread as resolved.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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