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  • Hi.

    I’m having a terrible issue that it’s making me mad for almost two weeks.

    Since one month, one of my sites was having more and more CPU and RAM load, so i moved that domain to another server to leave it lonely and make it more comfortable. But what was just simple overload, it transformed in a dramatically high load, and i tried three dedicated servers.

    It’s not the cache plugin, it’s not the theme, i found that the CPU usage raised to 100% when after installing a fresh wordpress installation, i restored the database.

    Just when i upload the posts table and make the permalinks options for htaccess, is when i felt the high load in the server.

    I don’t know if this has anything to do with some permalinks configuration that it’s incompatible after recovering the database in a new installation.

    If i’m using the predetermined configuracion, like
    the server is fine

    But if i use the configuration i used since always for that blog, that is
    the server gets crazy and gets a lot of load, the CPU usage raises till 100% and the entire WordPress and server gets stuck.

    I’m using the /%postname%/%category%/ configuration for SEO ranking, and i don’t want to loose all the old links directed to my site if i change it.

    ¿Someone can help me telling me what it could be? I searched days and days, and tried everything, but couldn’t find any solution.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hard to say without knowing the rest of your plugins (other than caching) and configuration as often there is a problem there. You also do not state what server you are on. If Apache it could be a configuration issue with it. And recheck your .htaccess of course.

    No, i don’t used plugins, i tried many things and the first one is no having any plugin.

    Also i used only wp_posts from the database, i installed a fresh WordPress and database, without importing wp_options table for example.

    I tried three dedicated servers (one of 8 gb RAM, other 16 gb RAM and other of 24 gb RAM), one of them configurated by a system administrator. i don’t think is any configuration on the server.

    I finally fixed the problem just changing the permalink configuration. If i used /%postname%/%category%/ the blog went crazy. But if i used another, like /%year%/%postname%/%category%/ the problem fixes.

    Don’t know what happened to have this problem ¿some corrupt data in the posts database? ¿my database is so huge (don’t believe it, it’s just 67mb)? ¿is really a bad configuration /%postname%/%category%/ in the permalinks when your database is growing?

    I readed this

    The problem is that the error grow so abruptly, and no step by step. ¿Someone suffered something linke this?

    Thanks webjunk by your response.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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