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  • The database appears to be having some troubles updating, but I can’t trace the error. First we had a glitch where the form was being submitted but it would show the user that there was an error and the form wasn’t submitted. (Resulting in the person attempting and the database showing the same submission multiple times.)

    Now we’re having the opposite problem. The form says that it’s submitted and it sends out the confirmation e-mails, but it’s not recording the data into the database that you can look at from the dashboard.

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  • CF7 does not save submissions to the WP database – there is a popular plugin that does that.

    Normally getting CF7 submissions into the WP database via Contact Form DB is very reliable. Lots of WP Developers use it at as a fail-safe backup for when forms don’t get through via email (which can be a much tougher proposition for some due to their local Server Email configuration).

    If you include a link to your Contact Form 7 form others here may be able to look at your particular problem in more detail.

    I should have been more specific. The data isn’t saving to the “Contact Form DB”. There’s no data there. (I assumed DB stood for database.) I’m not worried about getting it into the WP database, I’m having trouble with it saving the data period (except in e-mail format which not all of our forms send to us).

    There are a few different forms that are doing this, but here is the link to one.

    You may have misunderstood how the Contact Form 7 plugin operates. It does not save data – it does not have a database – it send emails.

    The other popular plugin I mentioned is an extension to the Contact Form 7 plugin that does save data. It saves the CF7 form data to the WordPress Database – which is only database that people typically use with WordPress.

    If you are having trouble with sending emails – see Contact Form 7 Email Issues. Most people that work through this information appear to be able to resolve their email sending & receiving issues.

    Ok, apparently I’m posting on the wrong forum. I need to fix Contact Form 7 DB.

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