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    I transferred my site a couple of days ago and exported and imported the wordpress multisite database using phpMyAdmin. To my terror, I found that I can no longer log into the WP installation using my old credential and that there is no ‘user’ or ‘usermeta’ table in the database!

    I found this documentation, and it says a multisite should have the following tables:
    – _blog
    – _blog_version
    – _registration_log
    – _signups
    – _site
    – _sitecategories
    – _sitemeta
    – _users
    – _usermeta

    And I checked into the database, the only table that I have is _blog, _blog_version, _commentmeta, _comment, and links. Where did the other tables go? What’s even more interesting is that I still remember, before exporting from the old site, there were 39 tables. Now it still have 39 tables.

    The issue started when I enter the main site, where it says database connection error, whereas one of the subsite is working just fine. My hosting support tells me that somehow, the database is pointing to that working subsite, and I need to enter the back end to make the database point back to the main site. What’s going on here, can anyone help me clarify? Why is this happening?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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