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    Revisions are really taking a toll on my database. I have set the max amount of revisions for WordPress to keep and yet its still filling up. I would be nice to see some database cleanup utilities that let you set it to delete all revisions on posts that haven’t been edited for ‘such’ days. Also, it should check for used data in the database and if its not used it will be removed on a set cleanup date. (Also configurable). Mainly, there needs to be some better ways to clean the database and keep it small. You should also have the option for separate databases for different tables. So you could have your post data on a separate database. This would make it easier for the users with limited database size. It could also speed up the database. I know many people don’t even bother looking at the database or cleaning it out, but there are advantages to it. Backups will take less space, speed, performance, spam is removed, etc. Much requested feature, I know you could do it.
    Best content manager ever thanks for it!
    – Zach

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  • Hi Zach,
    there are a few great plugins around for cleaning up the database (post revisions etc.)
    WP-optimize will do exactly what you are looking for:

    the WP database is split into several tables which holds your website data. All your posts are saved in “wp_posts”
    as far as I remember you can backup specific tables with this plugin:

    hope that helps 🙂

    It would be nicer if WordPress added this in because I don’t want to trust my database with another plugin that could mess all of my work up. Plus, most plugins don’t uninstall correctly by removing their information from the database.

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    Unlikely to happen. WP shouldn’t be used to manage a database, that’s what DB software like phpMyAdmin are for. You can limit revisions already, and WPs DB is really quite small compared to many other CMS.

    By the way, splitting your posts to its own DB won’t change the overall size of everything combined, but I think you actually can do that already.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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