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  • Every one says a migration is so easy. So I downloaded my site from goDaddy to move it. Trouble is, no one said anything about retrieving the database, which I know nothing about since I did not install this.

    So what do I do? I simply have no database. My account with goDaddy is inactive & the data base would have to be retrieved $150. I dont even know what’s in the data base specifically, but its becoming clear.
    All my wp functionality, eh?

    Now what please?

    Maybe i need a strategy before specifics, since I’ll have to learn & research as I go.


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  • Hey Steve,
    You would have to take a back up of the MySQL db from godaddy along with all the files hosted there. [No soliciting of work on these forums please]

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    I’m not sure what you mean by “no one said anything about retrieving the database”. It’s the one of the first steps in the official documentation for moving WordPress to a new server:

    If, as you say, you simply have no database, your only realistic option is to either pay GoDaddy to retrieve it for you, or start over from scratch. The database contains all of the textual content of your site, and all of the settings. Without it, the site is a blank slate.

    my migrations started with phone calls to the very nice blue host assisters who helped with everything, but said nothing of this. Maybe cuz it looked ok after we migrated everything. But then a couple weeks later it was dead. Now i guess go daddy was still contributing the mysql part after i was gone, hence, screwed unwittingly to all of us.

    It sounds like you didn’t update the wp-config file so it was using the database at GoDaddy until the terminated your account. You’ll need to contact GoDaddy to see if they still have a copy of your account. It doesnt hurt to ask. If they do, you’ll need to copy of the database.

    Steve, I’m afraid the problem isn’t that ‘no one’ said anything about the DB, but Bluehost didn’t. Which is really outside our ability to fix (if I was paid to fly out to hosts and hit them with a stick for stupid things like this, I would love my job).

    Ask GoDaddy. Yes, it’s $150 to get the DB back, but that’s not their responsibility to tell you things like ‘bring your DB when you leave.’ Bluehost should have said that. The WP docs DO say that 🙁 I’m very sorry for you.

    SO the mysql data base is lost. Is that easy enough to just re install or identify and name? All the files are in place. I dont want to reload this site from scratch. Are there other important things that would be lost? Will the word press installer just install what is missing?


    It’s very easy to reinstall, but it will be empty.

    Without the database, you will have to reload the content and other settings from scratch. What you will get from the files are your themes, plugins and uploaded media files.

    The WordPress installer cannot restore the content or theme settings for you.

    Does the reload install all, or just what is missing?
    Do I care? Does it do it all automatically, or do i have to know something? Will I then have a new dashboard blank,
    waiting to go?

    You will need to know the login credentials of the new database. You can ask Bluehost for those details if you don’t already have them.

    Once you install WordPress successfully you will have a new blank dashboard again.

    There’s 2 hosts i know of which both offer a free transfer service but aren’t on the list of recommended WordPress hosts

    Bluehost don’t offer full support for migrations and Godaddy want your money

    You’ll need to pay for the backup becuase it includes all your content

    There may be old versions of your site available – check the cached pages of Google and sites like / wayback.


    Google caches dynamic sites as HTML, so that would not help with the database of any of the files.

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