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    autovalley.co.uk is vehicles advertisement website. We do a lot of marketing. very soon in the future we will have hundreds of thousands of cars advertised on our website. Is the normal WordPress application with its normal mysql OK to load data from such a big database easily or we need to do some extra steps to make it ready for such load.

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  • Pretty much the same work as you’d do for any site of that size. Don’t try it on shared hosting, allocate memory to SQL and PHP. You’ll want to do some work on your httpd.conf, if you’re on Apache, but generally you’re okay with the DB size and speed.

    Do I need to get dedicated server.

    I have unlimited space and I allocated 10000 MB space to MySql and rest goes to php.

    Yes I am on Apache, I don’t know what work to do on httpd.conf , can you please refer me to any guide

    It totally depends on how much traffic you’ve got.

    Optimize Apache for WordPress

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