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  • Hi there,

    I am pretty sure that there is something wrong with my database that is causing my theme to break. I was just in MySql to repair some tables and as soon as I did a call to the database, I looked at my site and the theme had reverted to default.

    I’ve got a number of issues in addition to the theme reverting to default. They are:

    -Permalinks problem: when I click on permalinks in the admin panel, I get this error: Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Empty delimiter. in /mnt/w0310/d21/s41/b001947e/www/ on line 73

    -Also on the permalinks, I get this error about my .htaccess file: If your .htaccess file were writable, we could do this automatically, but it isn’t so these are the mod_rewrite rules you should have in your .htaccess file. Click in the field and press CTRL + a to select all. (But my .htaccess file is writable – 644)

    -All of my pages are missing on my site (About, Contact, etc.). When I look in the database, they are there. But repairing the wp_posts table does not resolve this.

    -I have disabled all plugins except for Akismet (got 6 spam comments in about 5 mins without it), adsense widget, limit posts (required for the particular theme I am now using), and wordpress database backup (obvious reasons).

    My theme reverts to default with EVERY theme I have used so far. However, when I look at the main themes page, it shows that my current theme is the one I have chosen, not the default theme.

    I am using 2.8.3 now. With every upgrade since around 2.7.1 I get the same problem. Unfortunately I cannot pinpoint the exact day this all went down, so am not able to figure out an exact event that is causing all of these problems.

    If anyone has any ideas as to what I can do to fix all of this, I’d appreciate it. Again, it really seems like it’s a database issue. But I have checked all tables to repair but no difference in outcome.



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  • Are you clearing your browser cache?
    Are you using some kind of (server) caching?

    You might want to contact your webhost, and see if they have moved around stuff. this might account for things. I’ve seen problems similar to this come by, where this was the problem.

    Otherwise I don’t know.

    Are your website paths correct in the settings?
    Are you using Permalinks (pretty urls)?

    edit: Are you doing any custom .htaccess url rewriting, or anything similar to this with your server?

    Will check soon with my host. Haven’t done any of the other stuff.

    Just noticed though…there is an appadmin directory with one file – index.php (looks like it calls to login.php). Have you heard of this? Is this a new directory for 2.8 and above? Seems weird.

    I’ve also noticed that I’m starting to get a lot of spam even though Akismet is activated. And the same few subscribers keep coming up in the user panel. Have I been infiltrated? Maybe this is where my problem lies?


    Thanks for your help. I’ll check with my host, too.

    As far as I know it is not a standard folder in WordPress, but I could be wrong..

    Where is the folder located?

    Did you install manually or use an automated installer from your webhost? It could be, regardless, a folder from your web host, or from a plugin or a theme.

    A good customer service at a web host is a plus.

    What is a lot of spam?

    A lot of spam doesn’t have to mean anything perse, as far as I know. Sometimes a spam bot just hits one of your posts (through a third party). Blocking the bot or using Akismet can help. Contact your web host if you need help with this. There are also plenty of faqs. I keep a standard policy of contacting the web host if I notice something out of the ordinary that I don’t know how too deal (and the host should be contacted). Your web host will (or they should) (temporarily) fix it or pull the plug if they can if they see something on their radar.
    I am not sure about the subscribers part. Are you talking about registered users? Do you know who they are? Or are you just letting anyone register at your site?

    I am also wondering given the lack of response from people in the community if you have put this topic in the right category. Maybe ‘How to and trouble shooting’ would be better. Usually people are keen to help with these things, as far as I know.

    Is there a moderator that is willing to change this if this topic is in the wrong place? Or is it technically possible to do so?

    @missadventures: Otherwise please see if you can contact a mod yourself and see if your topic is at the right place.

    Have you contacted your web host?

    Hi design dolphin,

    I appreciate your trying to help. I have contacted my host and am waiting for a response. FYI, Netfirms hosting is SLOW when it comes to customer service. Sadly, I’m afraid to even think of switching because of potential technical problems.

    I have actually solved some of the problems above on my own through research on WP forums and elsewhere.

    -I fixed the permalinks problem/htaccess by 1) reloading my backed-up htaccess file and 2) making sure that the WordPress and Blog URL settings (under general settings) were the same. Such a simple thing, but for some reason I had no URL under the WordPress URL line (must have been accidentally deleted. Not sure which of these actually fixed the problem, but the problem is no more so I don’t care! 🙂

    -For my missing pages, I found that they had been classified as posts for some reason. So, I went and found the p2pconverter plugin, activated it, converted the pages posts back to pages. Then, I deactivated the plugin because it’s not something that I want all the time.

    -One thing I haven’t tried lately is copying my current theme and renaming it default so that when the theme breaks it doesn’t appear to break. This has worked for me before with a few themes, but may not work with the fancy theme I have now. (Sometimes trying this results in a temporary fatal error.)

    -Going to try again to activate my plugins one at a time and see what’s going on. That action didn’t do anything for me before, so I’m skeptical.

    If none of these things work, I may try to reinstall manually the current version of WP. I am now using WP 2.8.4 but installed in automatically. I hate to think that an automatic install could be the route of the problem because I think this is a wonderful, time-saving feature. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


    I have the same problem, my theme broke this evening, after I upgraded to 2.8.4. I contacted my host, BLUE HOST, and they said they have received other calls about this particular upgrade breaking themes. I have no idea how to locate a wordpress compatible theme which will work with the latest upgrade. I reverted back to 2.8.3 to get my website and current theme functioning again.

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