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  • Okay,
    Visisted my site earlier today, and it came up blank. Revisted it a little later, and it gave me a message saying my database was out of date, and asked if I wanted to upgrade. I clicked the upgrade link, then got the 1 step, and said I was done.

    When to go to /wp-admin and I got the same message. It just loops. I was finally able to get to /wp-admin but the menu bar at the top was missing.

    I was running 2.0.0 and thought, well no better time than the present to ugprade to the latest version. Ran the upgrade, and same thing!

    When I do see my front page all my pictures appear as “\” on the page.

    I have 5 other WordPress blogs, never a problem with any of them. Nothing has changed in over a month — just broke ๐Ÿ™

    Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated. I do have a fairly recent back up, but I’d hate to have to lose anything.


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  • I would tend to think that an “out of date database” would be your host’s problem. Have you tried contacting them already? I know that I personally have not ever heard of this issue before (doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, though).

    I think it may be my host, I had some problems tonight with another site on the same box, but didn’t want to believe that I could have both sites down at the same time, and now my wordpress blog will not come back up.

    Time to move.


    Please do let us know what you wind up doing to solve the issue for sure. It may help others in the future who have the same issue. Maybe tell us your hosting company, etc.?

    Well I moved! Last night about 11:30, everything magically started working on my old host. Everything was back up and for a min, I didn’t even know I was on my old host. But I left the name servers pointing to the new hosts and I’ll stop service by the end of the month when I can move one last customer. I have since moved 2 of my other sites, one is in the final processes of updating the name servers and a quick once-over that everything is working and we’ll be good!

    As far as my previous host:

    When they were up, all was well. When they went down, it was at the worst possible time. I went with them on a friend of a friend’s recommendation. Paid up for a year, was with them for a year and a half now, always wanting to leave (even in my first 30 days), but didn’t want to attempt a move like I have just done in the last 2 days (4 sites, 2 hosts). Everytime I thought about moving, they seemed to work themselves out. Support was quick to respond, most often with ‘everything seems fine, let us know if there is anything else we can help you with’. While I was there, they made good improvements, but I hated to hear from friends/customers/visitors that my site was down. My only other complain with Gearhost is that it is a Windows — I guess it’s two-sided. I dabbled in some ASP and liked it for that. I also play with Cold Fusion and I don’t know of a cheaper Cold Fusion host. Their Control Panel is probably one of the nicer and more refined that I have seen, but my complaint about it being a windows box, I couldn’t set permissions on specific files, I always had to submit a ticket.

    New host that will be taking my wordpress blog is I had a problem with them in the past specifically with this blog, and support wasn’t the greatest in the world. I had the space, I wanted to get the site up, so I attempted to move back over there this time. It went VERY well! I honestly couldn’t be happier — well maybe a little, their reply time to a ticket is lacking (~24 hours). My only other complaint is that the connection ‘seems’ slow, but ping times are comparable to Gearhost.

    My other site (Forums/gallery/on-line community) found its way over to to one of their VPS Packages. I moved there because it just seemed like the right thing for me. Gearhost told me numerous times that my site was utilizing too many resources (every night between 10PM and 12PM it seemed) so I stuck this site on something that could handle a little more. The VPS has been a learning experience but I have been using Linux off and on for the last 5 years, so I’m fairly comfortable in front of a command line (definitely not a whiz by any means ๐Ÿ™ )

    Okay so I’m blabbering, but over all…I’m happy with where I have gone and the decisions that I’ve made thus far.

    Thanks for everything!



    Hosts that make you pay for a year in advance without offering a month-to-month plan should be eyed carefully.



    I just upgraded from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5 and I have the same problem as the first poster. I go to wp-admin, and see

    “Your database is out-of-date. Please upgrade.”

    I click on upgrade, and get

    “This file upgrades you from any previous version of WordPress to the latest. It may take a while though, so be patient.
    Upgrade WordPress ยป “

    I click on Upgrade WordPress, and get

    “Step 1

    There’s actually only one step. So if you see this, you’re done. Have fun!”

    I click on Have fun, which takes me back to wp-admin, which takes me back to the first error that my database is out of date.

    Please help! I’m the admin for this box, so I can fix anything, but I need to know what to fix first.

    Roger Weeks


    Strangely enough, when I switched browsers from Firefox to Safari, this problem disappeared, and when I restarted Firefox, the problem did not reoccur. Some cookie problems?



    “…when I switched browsers from Firefox to Safari, this problem disappeared…Some cookie problems?”

    Nope…it’s a Safari problem. Safari and the WordPress admin panel do not play well together.


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