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  • Hello folks, I have tried all of the recommended Apache, PHP MYSQL set ups to run WordPress on Win XP. I want to make some theme changes offline to make WordPress look like the rest of my website. At first it seemed that the WAMP installations weren’t working for me. So I resorted to installing Apache PHP and MYSQL on my own. I have worked with them before. And so, I got me some tools to analyze whats going on, I am using the MYSQL Manager Lite to set up and analyze the database.

    Now the problem with WordPress that I have been having is that the database does not load up from WordPress and populate PhpMyAdministration with structure tables.

    After all my analysis and work, I have resolved the issue to WordPress not working like it is suppose to, on my desktop installation. Other PHP applications work for me such as the MyOwnSpace nock off or clone of MySpace.

    WordPress tells me that there is a database. But it can not connect to it. And so, it also tells me that the user name and database name and password are all ok. And then starts to offer suggestions. ~ I am using mysql rather than mysqli.

    So I have been looking up information on the WordPress database to see if I can manually install it from a script or an import document.

    Now what I do not want is information about the WordPress database plugin unless I can open it’s script and copy and paste it into the database.

    What I want is the actual database script to manually install into my data base if it is available. And so, see if I can kick start WordPress.

    Also, if anyone has no nonsense advice on the possible problem then let me know. I have found out that most of the information at the various sites here on the Internet. On how to set up Apache and PHP with MYQSL can contain useless additions. I have software that can set these things up for me. As well as analyze things such as the connections and running processes of MYSQL. ~ Although I do know how to configure the scripts. Select modules and extensions, mime types etc.

    Ok now, I can get other PHP based web applications and sites running in my Apache htdoc directory. But WordPress is a problem.

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    Try using EasyPHP instead of WAMP. It works fine for me on XP & Win7.

    Thank you Esmi, originlly I tried EasyPhp and it did not work, so I tried WAMP v 2, then an older version WAMP5 v 1.5. All of them worked the same. So I decided to install Apache 2. PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5.2 (plus I tried various versions of PHP and MySQL). The same thing happens.

    I have tried configuring wp-config.php on my own and I still get the same messages.

    I have been thinking today of trying the Apache and MySQL keep alive functions to keep the oonnections alive and active. I can not say that this will work. But I suppose I have to exhaust everything to debug and resolve things.

    I do know how to import a database tables into MySQL and so, I am thinking that might get me up and running. But you have to have the right kind of script to import into MySQL. If that works then fine, but if not. Then we have to look somewheres else.

    Now my ports all seem to be open and unused so it looks like I have no services conflicts with the softwares on my PC.

    My problem no doubt is PC specific. And so, I have to try to find the reason. One thing I do not have is ISS on this versiuo of XP Pro. I suppose that was meant to be downloaded since it is not on the CD. Also, the version of XP I have is for upgrading Win98. Anyways I have no conflicts with ISS to resolve.

    I am not sure if the XP Service Pack version has anything to do with it. I do know that the Dot Net Framework is connected to Apache PHP and MySQL, I discovered this by unistalling a badly fragment DotNet Framework 2 file. Windows searched to see what things it can impact by removal and so, I learned that it connects up with all of the above. But the issues I have were present before I installed DotNet 2.

    Thank you anyways. It would be nice if EasyPhp and WAMP worked for me like it is suppose to.

    I do have some tools that will allow me to look inside MySQL and see what is going on. And so, I hope that I can find an answer either here or in my analysis tools.

    PS Esmi, if I do get it resolved I will go back and try EasyPHP and WAMP to see what happens.



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    You don’t need WAMP with EasyPHP. It’s a full WAMP package on its own.

    Esmi you misunderstood me. I did not say I was going to use EasyPhp with WAMP. I meant that I would try them individually if I resolve my problem. Actually I am not knew to installing Apache and PHP and MySQL on my PC, I have done it before. For instance my own installation of the softwares that I have configured will run Boonex Dolphin Social Network on my PC, I was working with it last night. And so, I do not need EayPhp or WAMP if I can install and configure the softwares myself. But for sake of novelty I will try them again. But having already tried them (individually) and then doing my own set up. And encountering the same problem in each case. Well that stumps me.

    I can not understand why the Boonex Dolphin software will load up a database for me, while WordPress will not.

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