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  • Apparently the size of my MySQL database is 2,262 MB. This can cause maintenance issues on the shared database server, which affects other Go Daddy customers utilizing this resource. Because of the serious nature of this situation, access to your database is scheduled to be disabled on August 29, 2012. This action can be avoided by simply reducing the size of your database to less than 1 GB (1,000 MB).

    Any ideas what is most likely taking up most space without losing my posts so I can remove?

    I tried to a automatic restore a saved database from July that only showed 650mb but GO Daddy had removed it and now my site lost all posts and structure gone haywire.

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  • Try to optimize your database (use phpmyadmin)

    Usually it ’caused by plugins like broken link checker, STT2, visitors log, etc.

    We use a couple of plugins to make things simple.

    1. Plugins Garbage Collector, o.9.9 by Vladimir Garagulya checks on leftover tables caused by addition and removal of plugins over a period of time.

    2. WP-Optimize by Ruhani Rabin removes post revisions and spam.

    Would be curious to learn if these help.

    I tried WP-Optimize and it shows Total Size of Database:
    135577.191 Kb

    This maybe because my site has gone haywire. I`m trying to get it back to an earlier version but go daddy has removed my saved backup database.

    Took a quick look at the site and got lots of “Not Found” pages.

    Last week we had a database with GoDaddy that came up with a bunch of MySQL errors that prevented reading spread sheets we had posted…GoDaddy wanted $150 to back it up to an earlier date so we resolved the problem by recreating the entire site from backup files we had at a cost of 4 hours.

    Every time I’ve tried the PHPMyAdmin route, have only made things worse…
    If you’re an SQL pro, this may not be a problem.

    Sorry can’t be of more help.

    Go Daddy Advanced Technical Support Team have been looking at the issue but not heard anything since yesterday. Tried myself but still cannot get my content back on my site.

    Going from bad to worse

    Now all I get is below message when I try to get on my site

    Welcome to the famous five minute WordPress installation process! You may want to browse the ReadMe documentation at your leisure. Otherwise, just fill in the information below and you’ll be on your way to using the most extendable and powerful personal publishing platform in the world.

    Any ideas?

    Have installed new wp, however, automatic restore in Go Daddy of previous database was unsuccessful according to them the file structure (700mb) is too complex and timed out.

    They suggest because The phpMyAdmin interface only lets you import 8MB of data at one time. If you need to import more than 8MB, we recommend breaking up the file into 8MB pieces.

    This sounds complicated is there any other method of restoring my site?

    Do you have any backup files on your computer?

    If not, and the Go Daddy techs can’t perform a restoration of the original data base, I’m out of ideas.




    I found backups on FTP file manager I downloaded and opened the .sql file (600mb) in a text editor. I highlighted some text, copy it, paste it into the SQL window in phpMyAdmin , clicked Go I repeated this several times but it was very time consuming and I was getting no where fast. I checked to see if anything was happening before I wasted anymore time and checked my site online only to see homepage had reverted back to the Welcome to the famous five minute WordPress installation process! message

    Are there any other ways I can instal backup that is quicker?

    WEll, if the file in your local computer you can directly import that .sql file in PHPmyadmin using import operation. But the size of file is larger so you have to adjust the PHP memory limit and max file upload limit.




    I find that WordPress is installed properly. You have to try and restore database now. As far I know, Godaddy allows only a very small size of sql file restore at one go. So, you have to either restore your database part by part or seek the support of the host to allow you to restore the large database. Instructions about how to do the restore can be found in the links I provided you. Additionally, you may make a search and see if any faster methods are available.

    Godaddy 4gh plans allow you to restore large databases just upload the .sql file to the file manager and schedule a restore. However, this will take some time to start the restore process.

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