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  • JoeJacobs


    Ok, here’s the deal. I have mysql, PHP, and appache all installed and running along with wordpress, which lives in /Library/Webserver/Documents.

    When I go to localhost/wordpress, I get an error screen telling me either my wp-config.php file is wrong, or my mysql datbase is down. I know for a fact that everything in the wp-config.php file is correct.

    I think it might be the version of what I am running. I have:
    -mysql 5.0.27-standard
    -PHP 4.3.11
    -Wordpress 2.0.5

    And no I don’t want to use XAMMP or MAMP.

    Any help would be great!

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  • scaturan


    issue a “ps -ax | grep “mysql” on a terminal window to verify that mySQL is running.

    – did you create the database and user? did you assign it to run off of on localhost or a specific IP address? and did you ensure that you have the correct set of permissions for WordPress to use it? install phpMyAdmin so you can visually verify that the database you created exists and that the proper set of permissions are in place.

    maybe can help.

    locate your access_log and error_log files, open a termnial window and issue a “tail -f /path/to/access_log /path/to/error_log” and open the URL to your local WordPress site

    what does the Apache log files spit out?

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