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    I’m getting the error message “Your database is out-of-date. Please upgrade” when logging in to my new (2nd) WP installation, with all links to posts pointing back to my original installation. The circumstances leading to the error were as follows: having happily run a WP blog from my home server (a Mac) for 6 months, I now want to split it (so big has it become) into two separate installations, one for each main topic. I backed up the database, did a clean install of WP 2.04 in a sub-folder of the root directory, created a new (empty) MySQL database (using CocoaMySQL-SBG), edited name and user in wp-config.php, ran wp-admin/install.php, logged in and checked it–everything looked fine–and then logged out again. I then imported the backed-up database into the new MySQL database and logged back in. (My intent had then been to delete from each of the two installations the posts belonging to the other.) It’s on logging back in, however, that I get the error message: “Your database is out-of-date. Please upgrade”. Despite much fiddling, I can’t get the new installation to reset the paths in the database (I’d figured that changing the URI in Options > General would update the paths in the old DB? but it seems not to, with the “upgrade” link pointing to the URI for the original installation) Any ideas? Thanks!

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  • 1. If you changed the location of the blog and still using the same DB – the site_url and home values should be changed in the wp_otions table.
    See the guide:

    2. The old DB and the new WP install seemingly are of different version! That’s why it is asking for upgrade.

    Yes, I first changed the location of the entire blog (from a user account to a sub-directory of the root folder), using the instructions at, and this went perfectly well, with no problems.

    The second thing I then wanted to do was to split that blog into 2 separate blogs. Since all the posts are in wp_posts in the DB, I figured that the easiest way for me to manage this would be to have twin copies of the DB, and to subsequently delete from each the posts that shouldn’t be there. Hence I backed up the original (wp1), and after creating a new empty DB (wp2) and installing a new blog I imported the backup of wp1 into wp2. Thus I now had, after running wp-admin/install.php on the second, two identical blogs, each with its own DB (wp1 and wp2). However, although (after moving it to the root directory) all the URIs in wp1 were changed to the new address, this did not happen with the backup installed in wp2.

    Does that explain my problem more clearly? I’ve looked at the guide you recommend, and it appears that all I need do is simply ‘site_url’ and ‘home’ values. Is that correct?


    If the blog points to the wrong install – yes, change those two values.
    If you have 3 different installs, you need 3 DBs and in all of them different URIs pointing to the real location of the blogs.

    Thanks — I changed ‘site_url’ and ‘home’ values, and now everything works wonderfully!

    Many thanks


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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