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  • Netdreamer


    Hi, can anybody help?

    I have a database error on WP2 in the manager section:

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘user_level’ in ‘where clause’]SELECT ID FROM wp_users WHERE user_level <= ’10’ AND ID != 1

    Plus 2 WordPress logo’s at the bottom of the page!

    What do’s this mean and how can I fix it?

    Thanks Tony (Netdreamer)

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  • you probably have a plugin that used the old user levels, vs the new roles. Check with the author to see if they’ve upgraded for 2.0



    Is this a new install? Tried disabling any plugins?



    Hi miklb and Class,

    All plugins are off and were off on install

    That was the first thing I did, but I am still geting the same Error!!!! the rest of WP2 looks great.

    did you run upgrade.php? I know that has to be run to reset the database.

    I just upgraded from 1.x and have the exact same issue!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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