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  • hi everyone,
    My new blog was wonderful until my host had an unexpected system outage and my site was down for a few hours. When I tried to access my blog it was acting strange giving me the database error message but then popping up when I refreshed the page.

    Yesterday I got the database error log and couldn’t see my blog at all. This morning I opened the config file to check the database and all was fine. When I went to my blog, wordpress gave me the installation page. I installed it again but now all of my posts are gone. It is a brand new blog! again….

    My files are still on my site from my original blog. My plugins are also still in their folder. How do I fix this?

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  • I have no clue what happened to your blog, but it must’ve messed it up bad. Since you re-installed, your database has been cleared and unless you made a backup, you won’t be able to retrieve your old posts. I made that mistake before, but luckily I had posts in my other host, b2evo, and so I just did a bunch of copy and pasting.

    thanks so much. that sucks..I did have the back up plugin installed. I’ll see if I can use that old file.

    Since you re-installed, your database has been cleared

    WordPress DOES NOT CLEAR the database. Assuming the database name and database host are the same, then two possible things may have happened:

    1. Someone (or host) DROPped the original tables.
    2. Or the ‘newly’ changed wp-config.php file has a different $table_prefix than the original wp-config.php.

    My guess is, if you look at your database using something like phpMyAdmin you will find the OLD tables. Then make the change to wp-config.php accordingly.

    I replaced the wp-config file with the original one I saved on my machine. It didn’t do anything. Should I call my host? Or did I screw things up by reinstalling wordpress?

    What happens when you look at your database with phpMyAdmin?

    sorry, I don’t see , phpMyAdmin anywhere on my dashboard. I looked at my config file through dreamweaver. I called my host this morning and they are going to try and restore the tables from one of their backup files.

    My blog was working yesterday evening (the new one), but now I am getting the database error message. Any idea what is going on? Should I stop trying to host the blog on my server altogether?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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