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    Let me describe the setup first.

    I have a local dev server (Ubuntu Server 12.10) on my network.

    Runs Apache and MySQL and all the usual stuff.

    Had a wordpress install under a sub directory.

    Was working fine.

    I stuff up some things in the code and decided to reset the wordpress install.

    Deleted the tables from the database, deleted all the files and copied in clean wordpress 3.6.1

    Instead of going thru the database connection details etc, it is simply showing as a database connection error.

    I know it sounds like a caching issue but here is what I have tried so far.

    Deleted Cache.
    Tried in different browsers (IE, Firefox & Chrome)
    Searched for hidden files (there is no .htaccess etc in the directory).
    Restarted Apache and MySQL
    Moved the wordpress files to a another directory, works as intended.

    I know I can simply change the directory name to something else, but it is really bugging me as to why it worked before and not now.

    Anyone with any ideas?

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  • Just an update and maybe an issue.

    Worked out that it was a file in my root wp-config.php

    If I am installing under a sub directory, why is it trying to use a file in the directory above it?

    Doesn’t make sense. It should only be reading the directory its in.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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