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  • Hi, I got this note from my host today. Don’t know hardly anything about the guts of a database so I’m wondering where it went wrong. Fortunately I started a new active blog and this one was just up for archives. I had to take down the database (after backing it up) before they would let my site back up. Here’s the note:

    I was monitoring the server that hosts your account and while reviewing the logs noticed that your website was consuming a very high percentage of the server resources (processors’ time and memory usage), thus endangered the overall performance of all the sites on the server. I’ve conducted and investigation on the reason for the high resource consumption and it turned out that your application executes slow queries towards its database, which eventually hogs the server. This happens because other processes stay in the queue waiting for the processors to execute the slow queries and free memory for them. While they are waiting however, they stack up which further increases the problem.
    The reasons for the slow queries can be several:

    1. Large database
    2. Not well written scripts
    3. Large number of internal links that query the database directly.

    Unpon further checking it turned out that the following queries are slow:

    SELECT *,
    ENGINE AS Engine,
    ENGINE AS Type,
    VERSION AS Version,
    ROW_FORMAT AS Row_format,
    AVG_ROW_LENGTH AS Avg_row_length,
    DATA_LENGTH AS Data_length,
    MAX_DATA_LENGTH AS Max_data_length,
    INDEX_LENGTH AS Index_length,
    DATA_FREE AS Data_free,
    AUTO_INCREMENT AS Auto_increment,
    CREATE_TIME AS Create_time,
    UPDATE_TIME AS Update_time,
    CHECK_TIME AS Check_time,
    CHECKSUM AS Checksum,
    CREATE_OPTIONS AS Create_options,
    FROM information_schema.TABLES
    WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA IN (‘*database name*’);

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  • You’re with a host that offers 500 gigs of space, more than the hard drive space of *2* of my servers, and offering 5 terrabytes of bandwidth per month per account, what would cost me about $2k a month to provide.

    All for the cost of a burger and fry.

    They shut you done with no proof and with vague references to common mysql calls. (Heck I don’t even recognize half of those from being within wp and the first one, select * is found within all php programs)

    It’s a common scam in the hosting business. Promise pie in the sky amounts and boot folks when they start actually using up resources.

    I’d start looking for a new host. An honest host. Do also note that they shut you down without any previous warning. You didn’t do anything to change your site recently, did you? But yet this problem has developed all of the sudden.

    Thanks for the answer. That sounds probably the case. I hadn’t even been using that blog for a few months and certainly hadn’t done anything to it. The visits to that blog were really low. There is one thing that catches me from totally accusing them of a scam. I moved that blog from ipowerweb because I was starting to get all sorts of stuff messed up on their servers. Things were breaking left and right. So I moved over to siteground. The databases were spotty already and didn’t transfer well, breaking the blog. Siteground actually went through the effort of doing the transfer and fixing the databases.

    So, I had started a new blog anyhow partially because of the troubles that one seemed to be having over the last six months. Of the 6 or 7 databases I have they did pick out the one I was worried about.

    But I’ll definitely be a little wary now that I know the errors they cited weren’t a big thing. We’ll see if this happens again soon and I’ll definitely make a switch. I didn’t like getting knocked offline at all.


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    That query in particular is not from WordPress, but it *might* be from phpMyAdmin.

    I’d tell the host where to stick it and find myself a new one. But that’s just me. I’m confrontational.

    Not a problem.

    Good luck to you,

    It’s a common scam in the hosting business. Promise pie in the sky amounts and boot folks when they start actually using up resources.

    That’s right.
    I hate hosts that do that GoDaddy just did it to me today and I do not think the code has issues, I got tagged on a digg kind of site and many users came to my site today. The site is now offline.
    This is outrageus. The site goes offline when you have most visitors, it can’t be worse than that.

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