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    A strange Error started appearing when trying to post a new story or changing its post status.

    WordPress database error: [Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes]
    UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = ‘a:8067:{i:1170343640;a:1:{s:8:\”do_pings\”;a:1:{s:32:\”40cd750bba9870f18aada2478b24840a\”;a:2:{s:8:\”schedule\”;b:0;s:4:\”args\”;a:0:{}}}}i:1170344337

    Except everything after the option value =’ just loops over and over the same values just keep showing creating a massive insertion into the database.

    IE it is repeating the same lines of code 1000 of times as part of the insertion

    The post appears in the database and is displayed on the homepage.

    From my host >> 1mb for the server and 16mb for the mysql command line client.

    I can raise the value, but i am concerned by the size of the insert – it is literally massive.

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  • gMk


    For any one experiencing this issue

    You need to contact your host and have them up the following value


    Default is 1M

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