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  • Hi

    Please forgive me if this is a really silly question but i am completely new to this and a novice.

    My website will have lists of information on various pages, Is there a way to make it in a database so that i only have to update the database and not pages? I know i could add the information manually to the page but am trying to get away from that.

    Any advice would be a great help, but please put things in idiot terms so i understand.

    Thanks in advance


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  • Please explain more what you want to do. Is the same information to be shown on several pages? Can you give an example or two?

    Hi What im trying to do is create a basic price list something along the lines of:

    item a £12
    item b £5
    item c £8

    I have thousands of items to list so thought it might be easier to type into a database that puts it on page instead of typing straight to page. It would be even better if i could make every other item a different background colour to make it easier to read. Also different items would be on different pages, not sure if this is easy to do or not.

    thanks in advance

    If the item name and price are the only pieces of information about an item, then it may be easier to just enter that information into tables in posts or pages.

    If you are going to add images, descriptions or a ‘Buy’ button, then it may be easier to have a separate post for each item and have a template (program) to list the items.

    If you intend to sell the items on-line, then you will probably want to use one of the themes and some plugins that make it easier to manage inventory, provide a shopping cart, collect payment, etc.

    At this stage it will only be literally item and price, i dont intend on selling anything apart from the information contained within item and price.

    What do you mean by Template (program)….could you give me an example please.

    On a related note i am also toying with the idea of having each item colour coded using a traffic light system to put items into a colour coded categegory based on price, is this something that can be easily integrated?

    Thanks for you help

    A template is a PHP program used by WordPress to format information in Pages, Posts and other record types in the database. The template retrieves the (mostly) unformatted information, sorted or filtered if necessary, and arranges it for the screen by inserting the necessary HTML codes.

    I strongly suggest you start by reading the parts of the WordPress Codex that are for beginners. You could start here:

    I also recommend ‘WordPress for Dummies’. I started with it and it was a great help.

    You mentioned color coding based on price, so I imagine you will want users to be able to sort by price or item name and maybe other factors. This suggests that you should use Posts in the database to contain the information about each item.

    Since you said you have multiple pages, I am guessing that items are grouped by some category. That also indicates that you should use Posts.

    You have never mentioned what else might be on the site, but I suspect that there will be other content that will change from time to time. Depending on the amount and the frequency of change, this could also indicate use of posts.

    You have a lot of background study to do before you make a final decision. Things that sound very simple are often not easy to implement in any website, but WP should give you a good framework to start.

    Ok, ill check out the guides. thankyou for all your help

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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