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  • Hello community.

    While upgrading this site from 2.3x to 2.5.1, a message was displayed saying the database was out of date & needed to be upgraded. After finishing all upgrades and viewing the main site, it appears database tables were corrupted.

    The contents of posts (154) were lost, category tagging appears to have been lost, and only 1 post title displays on the index page.

    All post titles are visible in the manager interface, as are their respective URLs. When attempting to edit them, the editor window does not display.

    Of course, I have a backup of the original database, made right before the upgrade. However, it seems differences in the databases are the ‘base’ of this problem – so any support is appreciated…

    Thank you..

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  • What do you mean by “differences in the databases”?

    If you have a backup – then everything should be fine: you can roll back, you can attempt again the upgrade and so on.

    Was this a manual upgrade or some kind of ‘automat’ gizmo?

    This was according to the 3 step process in the upgrade procedures.

    Differences was an assumption on my part. When I browsed /wp-admin/upgrade.php after deleting/uploading the appropriate folders to upgrade, the page displayed the database was out of date & needed to be upgraded.

    I am assuming since everything is visible accept the actual content, database tables were changed in the new version? But I’m not sure.

    In any case, I assume I can not simply upload the database backup from version 2.3 to my upgraded install of 2.5, correct?


    No, you can not. For the old DB you need to put back the 2.3.x files.

    Oh, and when it say the database is out of date – it means your have 2.5. files and the database is 2.3… so need to run the upgrade. I guess it’s sloppy phrasing on behalf of the devs 🙁

    Hi again moshu, thank you for replying.

    This problem occured after clicking to upgrade the old database.

    I could delete everything and go back to 2.3, then try upgrading to 2.5 again, and letting it upgrade the database again, but I’m not sure what caused the problem in the first place..

    In the past, I was able to insert tables from one WordPress database to another using Navcat. I’m not sure my current host supports this, but if it does, maybe I could just insert the ‘posts’ table into the current database and fix the problem?


    maybe I could just insert the ‘posts’ table into the current database and fix the problem?

    Don’t do that. There are too many internal relations between tables – so it’s not likely it would work. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, Just go with the good old phpMyadmin: Import… etc.
    Then try it again.

    Before importing look around in the DB and check out the tables. Was it over-written? Looks like a brand new install? Or what? just to get some clues…

    Ok, I’ve installed and configured phpmyadmin.

    I’m browsing wp_posts, and it looks like everything is there. Full post texts, doc ID’s, titles, etc. I have them sorted by date, all posts are present.

    So I guess I’m really not sure what the problem is. I don’t see anything else unusual there either – anything specific you might have to suggest that I should look for?

    Thanks again.

    Not really – but if that’s the case, I don’t understand what went wrong during the install. BTW, is this the DB that you ran the upgrade on, or is it already the restored database?

    Are you on yahoo? (they don’t have phpmyadmin installed, which is there by default on any decent host…)

    You may want to try once again the upgrade, and if doesn’t work, let somebody take a look at it.

    (pardon me?) it sounds to me like he is not sure if the database he was browsing is the upgraded version. i think he wants a tell on a fieldname or something that lets him know what happened so far. i am guessing that in the upgrade, you run a database upgrade script separately from the new files install? might a ‘upgrade database’ script TEST THE DATABASE?

    I will pardon you if you promise you talk/write only about issues that you have knowledge of, and in the rest you will be silent.

    Hi moshu, thank you again for replying.

    This database (the one I was viewing) is the one WordPress 2.5 attempted to upgrade, after clicking ‘upgrade’ at the wp-admin/upgrade.php screen.

    I have a backup of the database from just before installing 2.5.

    So, I will import the old database with this install of 2.5, then visit wp-admin/upgrade.php again. If this fails, I will reinstall 2.3 over 2.5 & re-import the backup.

    If that fails, I believe I have a serious issue. 🙂

    Thank you,

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