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    Earlier this week I had a lot of traffic to my blog after it was linked to from a newspaper’s home page.

    Since then traffic has fallen down towards normal levels but I have a problem. If I’m working on a post and click ‘Save’ or ‘Publish’, or the post autosaves, my database crashes.

    Restarting the database makes the system usable again and I can usually get one or two saves or publishes out of it before it crashes again.

    Obviously this has made my site near-unusable. Can anyone advise what problem I might have? I haven’t changed any plugins or anything recently, although I do have WP-SuperCache installed and I did use the ‘lockdown’ facility for a brief time while traffic to the site was especially high, before turning it off agin.

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  • I’ve upgraded to 2.6 but I still have exactly the same problem. I can save or publish a post once. But the second time I try to save or publish anything, the database hangs and my site crashes. It’s essentially unusable.

    I’m at my wits’ end with this, I have no idea what could be causing the problem. I’ve tried repairing and optimising the database but it does nothing. I really hope someone can help.

    Your host is your problem, if you have a lot of traffic, maybe you dont have enough resource allocated to you to use or maybe your host server is just plain overwhelmed with traffic from all the other sites it is (probably) hosting.

    Have found the problem was related to a new plugin I’d forgotten I’d installed, WP Security Scan:

    After disabling it the problem went away.

    This is now resolved.

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