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  • Anyone ever have their Mysql wordpress database get corrupted? Mine did last night and I could find no way to repair the damage. I ended up creating a new database and re-installing WP. Then spent three hours extracting 65 posts, about 30,000 words worth, from the corrupted post database file with a text editor and, one by one, recreated the blog postings. What a pain!

    It made me wonder if one post database file per month might not be a good idea rather than just letting the single file grow and grow.

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  • I have a couple cron jobs set to do nightly backups of my databases…you might look into something similar….

    I just go through about 1x week and delete the old ones….

    philpeeps, that’s a great idea. Would you care to post the syntax of your shell script?

    date=’date -I’; mysqldump -u db_username -pdb_password db_name > /home/cpanel_login_name/public_html/backups/wp/xbackup_$date.sql; gzip /home/cpanel_login_name/public_html/backups/wp/xbackup_$date.sql

    around date-I it should be backticks, but this forum won’t show them

    There is no space between -p and your db_password. Ther eIS a space between -u and db_username….

    Hey, philpeeps, I just tried out your script (after my disastrous corruption incident yesterday evening) and it works like a charm! I’m still a Mysql beginner and didn’t know about mysqldump, but thanks to you now I do. Now to set up a cron routine…

    If your blog gets tons of traffic, or you have many bloggers, use mysqlhotcopy.

    It is the safer way of backing up “hot” databases. That is, databases that might be currently “in use” by a commenter or a blogger.

    so use the same syntax, just replace mysqldump with mysqlhotcopy?

    Here’s a *nix cron shell script

    click the Cron and Database Backups link

    I’d give the direct link to Cron and Database Backups, but I’m probably going to move that to a different page, as I’m seeing good tech stuff buried wherever in the blog.

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    Just a thought, but you might want to read through “repair your tables” at:

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