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  • thornomad



    I am relatively new and this (and even newer with my Mac X.4.3).

    I have followed guide for installing PHP/mySQL. I believe to have the foundation established correctly (if I run a test PHP page, I get the right output). I have a database created called ‘wordpress’. I have changed my wp-config.php file to define the name, user (as root), and my password (which works in the shell command). the host is set to localhost.

    However, when I go to install.php, I get an “Error establishing a database connection”.

    I am running mySQL 4.1.15 — I have read of some people warning against using anything about 4.0, however, I could get any of the downloaded files from mySQL to install from 4.0 and went with 4.1. I also have read the Install_Guide on the codex and tried to use the suggestion for enabling correct permissions … however, I can’t get the code to run correctly: after the “GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES” and “IDENTIFIED BY” code, I don’t get an OK — I get another “->”.

    So: I guess I am sort of lost as to what I should do.

    do you have any suggestions ?

    Thank you!


    PS: I don’t know if it was clear or not, but I am doing a local installation — I want to test it out and get it running before I put it live. Thanks!

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  • emorgoch


    Firstly, I’d create a new user in your database just for wordpress to use, and grant them full permissions on the wordpress database. Secondly, MySQL 4.1 uses a different password ‘format’ compared to 4.0 by default, so what you need to do is specify that you want to use the old pass word. Do this by gettng into the MySQL console, and then set the password to the old format by using:
    -> ‘some_user’@’some_host’ = OLD_PASSWORD(‘newpwd’);

    That should take care of it.



    Thank you thank you!

    I didn’t create new user — I used “root” — because I don’t know how to do that. *smiles sheepishly* However, I typed in the bit of code you suggested and wa la! It works.

    thank you!

    I feel really inadequate at this SQL server side stuff and unix commands … is there a good book (or is it really even necessary) that would help me use WordPress better ?




    If it’s up and running – all you need is the Codex



    Second option: Go here and put PHPMyAdmin on your webserver. It’ll give you a reasonable GUI interface to perform tasks with, such as creating new databases, making new users, etc.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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