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  • Hello. I am trying to get WordPress running on my new Yahoo website and am running into giant brick walls. Yahoo goes through the setup process for you, but when I try to connect to the blog, I keep getting a database connection error. Yahoo says nothing about installing anything on your computer, is that something that I need to do? I am using a Mac (Tiger), but I also tried starting a new WordPress blog through Yahoo on my PC (Windows XP) and had the same problem: can’t connect to the database. Any help, please?? I’m tired of banging my head against my monitor.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Where precisely are you trying to get the blog going ?

    You cannot use a Yahoo database with a blog on your PC. For a PC based blog you will need xampp or similar:

    If you get that with an online blog at yahoo, you need to examine the details very carefully and maybe even send them to yahoo asking them to check.

    Well, I really want to do the blog on my Mac. I only tried it out on the PC as an experiment to see if it was a Mac issue. But Yahoo Small Business Webhosting now offers WordPress blogs as a new feature (they also offer Movable Type). I also have put in an email to Yahoo asking for help, but they apparently don’t want to respond very quickly.

    Regradless that you have a PC or a Mac – an online blog and a blog (=WP install) hosted on a host server, be it Yahoo or anybody else… are two different things. They don’t have anything to do with each other.

    Do you have any access to administer you Yahoo Database at all?? Presumably, as they offer WordPress as a standard bit of software they have all the correct hosting, so have they given you a database specific username/password?? It would also be useful for you to know the server name your database is hosted on…
    Once you have these bits of info you can do some checking… First, make sure that the username/password/server are all correct in the wp-config.php file (this is under the folder that WP is installed in)… Also make sure that the DB and tables exists and is the same as in the config file also…
    The most likely reason to be getting the DB connection error is a setting in this config file, so that’s where I’d suggest you start looking…
    Good luck…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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