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  • I have a site on 1&1 I’m trying to develop as I get the time. It worked well with earlier versions of WordPress but I had to upgrade to some foegotton level which required MySQL5 vs. MySQL 4 which had worked fine. I finally got the site to work but then I had to put it aside. Now, I’ve tried to manually (auto didn’t work) upgrade to 3.0.5 and I’m getting “Error establishing database connection.” I created wp-config.php from the sample, inserting the correct db name, user, password and host for, my MySQL5 (after resetting the password.) ANy other suggestions, please?

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    -First, double check your wp-config.php file settings for the database name, database username and database password. This is where most errors occur.

    -Then check that you don’t need to change the database host from “localhost” to something else. You can get that info from your hosting provider.

    -Check you have actually created a database with the same database name as is in your wp-config.php file.

    -Last, but not least, if all that information is correct your database probably has a problem with it, and you may need to contact your hosting provider.

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