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  • Hello,

    The DB auto backups sent via email was working great for about 2 months, now out of no where it just stopped working.

    Also when you click on the “Create Backup” button it goes to a blank page, as mentioned countless times before. Will this be fixed anytime soon?

    Thanks for your time

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  • Ah, yes! Same with me. In august, suddenly it stopped working. Did this correspond to an upgrade of WP? I don’t remember…

    I don’t think it had to do with the newer version of wp. I installed it on another site and thus far it still works.

    I’m leaning towards a plugin incompatibility. But the site in question has a good number of plugins and will take some time to figure out which one, if it’s even possible.

    Either way I hope to get it fixed as this is one of my favorite features of this plugin 🙁

    Just thought I would put an update to this and will now mark this as resolved (by myself).

    Here’s what I did to fix the Auto Database Backup, and the “Create Database Backup” button from displaying a white screen.

    First Make a backup of everything!! to include your database.
    Backup ALL FILES, Database, and EXPORT Your posts, pages, etc. via dashboard -> Tools -> Export select “All Content” then click “Download Export File. (this is a must because once you revert your DB everything will be lost.)
    After all of the backing up, I checked my email and went to the last know sql backup that it had sent. Uploaded that via phpmyadmin. Tested it ( Dashboard -> Security -> Database Backup -> Create Database Backup ), still no luck. So I then went to the next one. Uploaded it via phpmyadmin tested it and it now works. 🙂

    Now comes the long tedious process, checking all the inactive plugins.

    I went one by one down the list ( Dashboard -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Inactive )

    After clicking activate I tested the Create DB Backup and every time I tested it, it worked.

    I am still baffled on why it stopped working in the first place.

    But never the less, all is good now.

    I hope this helps others that are having the white screen issue and DB not backing up. I know it was a pain to figure out.



    Thank you VMEric.

    I’m not sure I would like to go through all this. May latest Better WP backup is 6 months old!

    First I would like to hear from the dev team and other people here. We are probably not the only ones and there may be a patch.

    It may be resolved for you, but it’s not yet for me…

    That’s why I mentioned making a backup of your content via the export tool. This lets you save all contnet in an xml file so you can import it back into your site.

    I think the whole process took me about an hour as I had approximately 8 plugins installed after I installed this one.

    Backups are very important as you know thus I also installed one that saves site files and db to my dropbox which is awesome 🙂

    Best of luck and I hope you find a solution if not going this route.


    Well, back to square one again. Worked for a day then back to the same.

    My only assumption is that the Developer(s) have set this to do this for folks to purchase BackupBuddy. Then again this is only an assumption.

    This is really getting irritating to say the least.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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