• For some unknown reason, iThemes Security started making database backups every minute. I tried re-setting the database backup to one per day, but the plug-in would not stop the one save every minute sequence. The only way that I could stop this was to disable the database backup function. Has any kind soul experienced this phenomenon, and if so, what did you do to fix it?

    I am using ithemes Security version 5.7.0

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  • Hi –

    I came here seeking a solution as I have had this same occurrence on one of my sites. The Database backup setting is not even turned on and I am getting slammed with emails.

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    Hello PTaubman, I turned off the database backup function, which stopped the backup being made every minute. I have always received two copies of the email report, and this is continuing. I only discovered the problem when I got an automatic warning that my website had exceeded its size limit. My website is hosted on a server owned by my son. So he went into the back-end and discovered these constant back-ups. He also has no answer as to why this fault has occurred.

    I was waiting to see if someone had an answer, but the answer may be to disable the plugin and re-install a fresh copy.

    Any thoughts on that approach?

    Graham Segal
    Ipswich, Queensland


    Nope, reinstall is not going to fix it.

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    I’m having the SAME problems. I think it started around the end of Oct. or the beginning of Nov.

    I just went into my settings & most of the sites don’t even have it turned on & it’s giving me backups PLUS duplicates.

    This is NUTS.

    Has the plugin been hacked????

    And why isn’t the developer responding?

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    Same Problem here.
    Turning off the “scheduled backups” does not stop the backups.

    Please find a solution for this 🙂



    still have the issue…

    Is there a database entry that can/should be deleleted (where the old backup schedule data is held?)

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