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  • Resolved jbmoore


    I’m seeing this error in the logs

    [20-Apr-2019 22:07:13] 1. Attempted to backup database.
    [20-Apr-2019 22:07:13] 2. Attempted to backup database.
    [20-Apr-2019 22:07:13] 3. Attempted to backup database.
    [20-Apr-2019 22:07:13] [ERROR]Maximum number of retries has been exceeded. Step was aborted.

    Is there anywhere I can look to determine the problem..


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  • Plugin Support Suzie



    Please, excuse my tardy reply.

    Would you please check, maybe you are using another connection for Database.

    Check this screenshot, please.

    Make sure the Use WordPress Connection is enabled. Also, please, check whether you have added custom connection info or not.


    Thanks for replying Suzie,

    Yes, looking at that setting the “Use WordPress Connection” is checked. What was not checked was which tables to backup.. That seem to fix it.. Somehow I missed that setting (or assumed it was the default..)

    Another question… I have one site in which the backup no longer seems to work. It keeps showing the backup done on April 11th Running the backup just zips through and again shows the result bar of that past backup.. I update the plugin but still just zips right past doing a new backup.. What settings could I be missing here??? Thanks..

    Plugin Support Suzie


    Dear @jbmoore,

    It’s nice to hear the first issue is fixed.

    As of the second problem, I will discuss it with the tech development team and we will do our best to help you.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Plugin Support kimabaghdasaryan



    We are kindly asking you to navigate to Database, and delete buwd_progress and buwd_job_running from wp_options table
    and try to backup again.

    Please let us know if it helps.

    Thank you!

    Have a nice day!

    Thanks…that did the trick..

    Is there anything I can watch for to avoid this in the future..???

    Oops..spoke to soon.

    I tried to do another backup today and encountered that same issue. Deleted those two records again and it now works again..

    But.. clearly there is some other issue here, can’t expect the client to edit the database everytime they do a backup..??

    Squeak!!! Help!!

    I’m still having this problem on one site (other sites are not having this issue).

    Everytime I do a backup the budwd_progress record in the options table remains and the progress bar shows up regardless of if one is doing a backup at that time. Any attempt to do a backup just refreshes THAT progress bar and no backup occurs.. Sometime the buwd_job_running record is there as well, but most of the time it is just the budwd_progress record.

    In order to do a new backup I have to remove that record… No something I can ask a client to do.


    Would you be kind and contact our support team using the following form in order to provide us with Backup log.



    Strangely enough it is now working properly.. I’m monitor it for a few days and make sure this is not just a fluke..

    Thanks for following up..


    It is nice to know that the issue has been resolved and everything is working properly.

    In case of further difficulties and questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Have a lovely day ahead!

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