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    We have been running WP1.5 for many months without a problem. We have not altered ANY WP files.
    The wp_comments table in the database appeared to get corrupted a couple of days ago and my programmer cleared that table (we did lose the comments data) but everything else worked OK – for a few minutes.
    After that we obtained the ‘Error establishing a database connection’ message. I observed a KILL process on the database using Plesk. I have no idea how this appeared but I cannot removed it. My web host claims that they are unable to removed it either.
    They assert the following
    “phpMyAdmin was unable to kill thread 391. It probably has already been closed
    This seems like a common issue, but nobody has a resolution.” and suggest deleting the entire database and building a new one.

    Does this seem reasonable? Has anyone encoutered this before?

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  • whooami



    I doubt your going to find any answer to this question since 1.5 was obsoleted some time ago. If you have a host that cannot kill a mysql proccess than you have a host that doesnt know how to shutdown -r. Additionally if its showing in proc, its not killed, and thats a simple way to check.

    Rather than mull over what might caused this, I would send your host to a “how to manage *nix class” and take the well-spent time that theyre in class to upgrade your wordpress to 2.0.4.

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