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  • When I create a new post or make changes to an existing post, I get the following error message just below the post editor:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1]
    select post_content from wp_posts where id=

    I got this today without having made any changes I can think of, other than publishing a new post, like I’ve done hundreds of times already.

    If I ignore this message and click “Update Post” or “Save Draft”, I get the same error message displayed in a page by itself. Sometimes, the message appears twice.


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  • OMG, it may be related to Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YRPP). I deactivated it and could save again. I reactivated it and everything went to shits again.

    In the plugin’s admin panel, I tried to update the cache, which was 99.6% complete, and it “timed out”, no matter how many times I tried.

    I’m thinking version 3.0.13 might have a bug. 3.0.14b1 doesn’t fix it either.


    OK, this is official weird. With YARPP still deactivated, I created a new drafts post. While I was editing it, WordPress auto-saved once without a problem, but then I got the $%&#*$ error again when I published the post.

    IMPORTANT: the saving operations actually succeed, so next time, I see my changed applied. The problem occurs after saving.

    I’m baffled.


    Since I’m helping myself, this is becoming a blog for future generations, I guess.

    Anyway, I found another problem with Thumbnails for Excerpts, so I deactivated it. Saving worked. I reactivated YARPP. Saving still worked. I downgraded TFE to version 1.3. Saving works.

    The Thumbnails for Excerpts page shows others thinking version 2.0 is broken. Since it’s a rewrite for 2.9, which nobody has yet, that might be the reason.

    I’m going to sleep on this a while, though.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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