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  1. Kelly <3
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I'm new to WordPress and could really use all the help I can get :)

    A little background information about my site might help clarify my question.

    Users access my site and are able to download tickets, each ticket has a unique number on it. When a different user, or possibly the same user gets on the site and enters the number from a ticket into a text box I want to be able to search my database and see if the ticket number is already in use. If it is not in use then I would just have a message pop up saying that the ticket does not exist. If the ticket number is in the database then the user would be able to view that ticket activity. I hope this makes sense. Basically I just need to be able to validate that a number entered into a text box is in my database. Please help and thanks in advance :)

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