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    wp-e-commerce version:

    Any idea how to clear all data that customer has submitted in checkout form?

    When I make an order and after that I go back to webshop page and add to cart something and go to checkout page… tadaa, there is all data refilled in form. So if I’m on public computer, next one can see my info (name, postal address, email and phone).
    That’s terrible.

    How to fix this?

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  • Okay, I assume this has something to do with browser caching.
    But anyway, all data have to be cleared for security sake.
    Hope somebody can help me.

    It’s held as session data (not in the browser cache) and this is pretty normal behaviour for a cart. A public computer (in a library or whatever) *should* be set to restart the browser (i.e. clear the session) when the current user logs out.

    Okay, thank you about session info.

    But I’m sorry, there are not such thing as current user in the shop. If you mean that the user is logged in. It’s not possible to log-in at all. All purchases is made without logging in.

    So the session must be clared someway in transaction page?

    Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    I believe the session (customer information) is preserved to make it easier for the customer IF they buy something else from the store (personal info already prefilled) and if they register the info will be automatically “moved” to their newly registered profile.

    Okay, I understand the purpose of session behaving.
    But does anybody now how to clear the data?

    When I said “current user” and “logged in” I meant logged in to the computer, not the website.

    I guess it would be possible to modify the gateway code to clear the session, or possibly even write a plugin that would hook into the transaction results to do this regardless of gateway.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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