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  • Hi there,

    I realise I can pay a coder to do what I’m about to ask but I’m just wondering if there is anything out there – plugins and otherwise that I could manage to bootleg myself. I like learning new things : ) I just need some directions and ideas.

    I have a csv file with columns called “date, horse, race track, race name, distance, sire, dam, owner”

    What I’m trying to achieve is when a user logs into wordpress (user = owner column in csv file) they can go to a page that shows them all the info relating to when their horse/horses are running and all the details relating to that event – which all comes from the csv file. The csv file will be uploaded periodically with new data.

    I am open to any suggestions that may be different to what I have described above.

    Any input would be most appreciated?

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  • did you ever find a solution? I am looking at doing the same thing.

    You would be better storing the data in a mysql table but if you want it to sit in a csv here are the steps:

    1) upload csv
    2) create a new template file for the user’s page
    3) Add some php to that file to parse the CSV file into an array (google it)
    4) Use the built in wordpress function [get_currentuserinfo()] to get the current logged in user
    5) Show the information for that user

    A better solution would be to write a script that updates a mysql table and then query that table using the logged in user’s username (or whatever identifier is in your file).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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